It’s real you know. I just did the most travelling I’ve ever done and it’s stirred up something in me that I never even knew was there. Wanderlust. I just got back from a trip to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore and obviously it was amazing. I got to experience the sensory overload on khao san… Continue reading Wanderlust

Street dancing queen

I started street dance lessons. Ohhh yes. To fill the void that my lovely jazz lessons left, I found another adult dance class for street dance, run by a company called Dancebuzz. I don’t even know what possessed me to do street dance, like I am literally the un-coolest person I know. Street dance appears… Continue reading Street dancing queen

The curtain closes on this jazz number

I mentioned in a previous post that I signed up for beginners Jazz dance lessons with City Academy, and now I’ve sadly finished the course, I thought maybe someone out there might like to know what it’s like! So my lessons took place in a dance studio in Shoreditch, very accessible if you’re using public… Continue reading The curtain closes on this jazz number